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When planning your trip to the Potomac Spring Home Show, we suggest these tips to make your visit even more enjoyable.

How much does it cost to get into the Show? There is no cost for admission. It is free for adults, children, veterans - everyone! We want you to come out, spends some time talking to exhibitors, take in a demonstration and enjoy yourself!

How much does it cost for parking? No charges for parking

Where can I park? There is plenty of parking at the Center

What should I wear? Wear comfortable shoes and clothing. If you are coming with young children, we encourage you to bring a stroller or a backpack so the kids don't tire from walking.

What should I bring? If you are coming to the show to shop for a contractor to do your project, make sure you come prepared with pen and paper in hand to take notes. Bring along photos and dimension of the project you have in mind. This information will help in your discussions with the exhibitors. When you come into the Show, you will receive a small plastic bag to assist you in collecting flyers and business cards from exhibitors.

How much time? We recommend you give yourself at least 1.5 to 2 hours to view the Spring Home Show. This will give you ample time to view the displays, talk to the exhibitors about your project and still not feel rushed.

What events are taking place during the Home Show? There are some activities for all ages lined up. We will be mailing all the postal codes in the Potomac area, Bethesda, Great Falls, George Town as well as Rockville residents

Where can I eat while at the Spring Home Show? full-service light refreshment and snack stand and smoothie bar availalble in the main lobby

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